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Off Topic Comments


Adam - 3:40pm, EDT
Mr. President, I strongly support the health initiative you propose. I'm a Vietnam Vet therefore I receive medical care which has helped me a great deal especially when I was laid off from my job due to budget cuts. I feel like I'm one of the lucky ones, when my healthcare stopped I went to the VA hospital and within a short period of time I was getting health assistance. I don't feel ashamed of this why should the Republicans feel they must support a broken system that is financially hurting our country? All I can think of is the (Republicans) and some Democrats are afraid of change especially with so much money tied up in the insurance industry. I feel all Americans should receive a basic care that I receive, just because I fought in a war does not make me any better than the unfortunate family who can no longer afford insurance. No, we must stop this I've got it and you don't attitude. It separates and discriminates against those who are less fortunate we are more than the sum of our wealth. I feel sad with the politics that divide our great country and we become petty tyrants with a selfish agenda. I am truly sorry that senator from South Caroline treated you and the rest of the country. I know you will not read this email which is fine with me, but I want you to know I greatly respect you and know you are a one of the best Presidents this country has seen in a long time. My wish is all Americans will stand up for a more equitable healthcare system. Thank you for your courage and grace under fire. We need you to stay strong and fight the good fight for a better America.

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